Introducing LeasEquip Co-Founder Jon Lampel

April 20, 2016
It was 1981 when Jon Lampel and a partner noticed a need in the business market for financial lending services in the greater Los Angeles area beyond traditional banks and similar agencies. When new businesses desired to emerge or companies struggled to expand, the necessary capital wasn’t always available due to credit issues and other financial demands. Lampel and his partner -- with the assistance of private investors -- created the L.A.-based company Prudential Capital Corporation. This leasing and lending business was a success, but sold its name in 1988 and rebranded as LeasEquip, Inc.

Since that time, under Lampel’s leadership as president, the company has funded more than 600 commercial leases and loans through its own capital. Additionally, LeasEquip has supplied more than nine figures worth of new business to individuals and companies seeking assistance. The company has not only provided leases and loans to various industries -- aerospace, entertainment, construction, finance, medical, etc. -- for capital projects, investments and commercial financing, but also for equipment leasing, the specific speciality of LeasEquip.

More than 30 years after first emerging, LeasEquip and Lampel have grown to a leader in the lease and loan business, assisting companies gain the precise equipment and finances possible to grow in the Los Angeles market just as this firm has as well.
Jonathan L. Lampel commonly known as Jon Lampel is a businessman and the co-founder of Leasequip incorporation, an Equipment Leasing, Commercial Financing, and Investment Banking Company. He is a graduate with bachelor’s degree in law, finance and history. Mr.Lampel has a long history in the financing industry having spent a great deal of time helping companies in related financial matters.